In Mexico, Auto Insurance is required by law as it is in the United States. However, any driver that is involved in an Vehicle accident in Mexico must have the means to respond to damages or injuries for which they may be responsible, which can be in the form of either cash or a Mexican Auto Insurance Policy.

We recommend that you obtain at least Third-Party Auto Liability Mexico Insurance before crossing the border into Mexico. US policies are NOT acceptable evidence of financial responsability in Mexico. Only a Mexican Automobile Liability policy is acceptable evidence of financial responsibility. This policy will only cover any damages you may cause to other vehicles. It will not cover any damages to your vehicle. In order to protect your vehicle against any damages/losses, you must purchase Full Coverage Mexico Insurance.

Before selecting your Mexico Insurance coverage, you should check your US Insurance Auto Policy. Some US Insurance carriers have certain coverage and limits for their clients driving in Mexico. Before driving to Mexico, you should inquire if your U.S. insurance policy will cover damage suffered by your vehicle in Mexico and if your US insurance policy has any restrictions or limitations, such as number of miles from the US-Mexico border, or number of days in Mexico.

Our prices are very competitive. Our insurance programs and services have been innovative since 1985, with value-added services which were not even contemplated by our competitors. Our Multinational Insurance carriers are financially solid and are AAA and A+ rated by Standard & Poor's and Moody's, both worldwide rating agencies.

Our Mexican Tourist Auto policy is a named-peril policy.
There are six (6) basic risks that are covered under our Mexican Tourist Auto Insurance Policy:

  • Collision and Glass Breakage
  • Fire and Total Theft
  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Medical Expenses
  • Legal Defense and Bail Bond

ALL our policies include Roadside Assistance, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Travel Assistance, and Cash in Case of Emergency at no extra cost.

If serious injury has not occurred, a Mexican insurance policy might help reduce red tape and allow the motorist to be on his way sooner rather than later, but the policy should not be construed as your "ticket out of jail".

Some visitors to Mexico are unable to understand why motorists are temporarily incarcerated in Mexico following an automobile accident where injuries or deaths occurred. In the first place, serious injuries or deaths have been committed against innocent persons due to someone's negligence. It is up to Mexican authorities to determine who the negligent person is. While that investigation is in motion, all drivers involved in the accident must be detained.

Any person involved in the commission of a crime, and I have stated that an automobile accident in Mexico is considered in principle to be a penal offense (see Why do I need Mexican insurance?), must be detained in a secure place to prevent their escape. The only secure place is a holding cell and, therefore, the motorist finds himself detained awaiting the investigation of his involvement.

ALL CLAIMS MUST BE REPORTED IN MEXICO before Insured Vehicle returns to the US. Failure to do so can cause the claim to be denied by the Mexican Insurance Company. In case of total theft of the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle or the person who had possession of the vehicle, must file an Auto Theft report in person with Mexican authorities and with the Mexico Insurance Claims adjustor. The insured must declare the existence of any other insurance (US or Mexican) with another company covering the same risk.

Are They Paid in US Dollars? All claims are settled and paid by the Mexico Insurance company's claims office in Mexico and they are paid in US dollars.

The Mexico Insurance Policy will be null and void if driver responsible for the accident/loss was under the influence of ALCOHOL AND/OR DRUGS. Policy is null and void if driver does not have a VALID DRIVERS LICENSE. NEGLIGENCE or OMMISSION OF REASONABLE CARE will be sufficient ground to deny an insurance claim. Vandalism of parts or accessories of the vehicle are not covered under this Insurance Policy. If a vehicle gets impounded, only the registered owner of the vehicle is authorized to recover it.

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